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Workshop on the Security of Persons and equipment at MINFOPRA

Workshop on the Security of Persons and equipment at MINFOPRA

In a workshop that took place this evening at the reception hall of the user’s house of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, the Minister, Joseph LE laid emphasis on the importance of security measures for the safety of equipment and well being of the staff of his ministerial department.

During the meeting which was attended by a host of MINFOPRA directors and subdirectors, a delegation led by the president of the Red Cross, Madame Cecile AKAM gave a demonstrative  presentation on some necessary first aid measures to employ in a situation of crisis, for the security and safety of persons.

It is worth noting that, this workshop is a responsive follow up on the false alarm which created panic at MINFOPRA on the 17th of August 2020.

Amongst others, the workshop  ended with a visitation of the new detection machine stationed at the police post at the entrance of the main building of MINFOPRA . In the days ahead, new measures would be implemented to control the movement of persons and equipment at MINFOPRA, and a training on first aid measures would be given to the staff of MINFOPRA.


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