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The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform hereby informs candidate's in the special recruitment of 50 (fifty) Pupils Magistrates and 30 (thirty) student Court Registrars of English expression into the Magistracy and  Registry  Division  of  the  National  School of Administration and Magistracy (NSAM) that the deadline for submission of files initially scheduled for Friday 14th  June 2019 have been carried forward to Friday 28th June 2019 at 3:30 pm.

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On Tuesday 28th May 2019, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform granted audience to Mr. Noundje Faustin Clovis, vice president of the African Association for Public Administration and Management for Central Africa (AAPAM). This meeting took place in the cabinet of the Minister.
Speaking to the press after the meeting, Mr Noundjeu Faustin, disclosed that, the purpose of his visit was to introduce himself as the new vice president of the AAPAM and also to establish prospects of improving the quality of public administration in Cameroon. These prospects which also include organising seminars to develop transformational leadership and initiating mechanisms to increase Cameroon's participation in the association, would boost the participation of Central African States who have not been very active in the AAPAM.
In his closing words, the new vice president of the AAPAM shares in the national vision of emergence which also includes a performant Public Administration in Cameroon.

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