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Administrative reform tasks



Decree No. 2012/537 of 19 November 2012 on the organization of MINFOPRA in its Article 5 states that the PSAR is responsible for, inter alia:


  • drawing up and monitoring the implementation of the master plan for administrative reform;
  • the elaboration and implementation of the modernization measures of the Cameroonian Public Administration;
  • monitoring of cooperation in administrative organization and reform;
  • evaluation of government measures in terms of administrative organization and reform, taken in the various sectors of public administration;
  • the elaboration and introduction of methods and process of data processing acceleration; streamlining the organization  of  structures,  procedures and management methods;
  • studies to reduce the cost of equipment acquisition and maintenance;
  • the involvement of State personnel in the permanent search for ways and  means  of a more effective administra


In a bid to meet its objectives, the following activities are carried out:


  • the development of good governance tools (organizational texts, organizational frameworks, user guides, administrative procedures manuals, mailing cards,  operating procedures, organization and staffing plans);
  • the simplification  / rationalization of procedures and administrative formalities;
  • the promotion of e-government;
  • the development of performance standards;
  • the organizational audit;
  • the support of the administrations;
  • training of business executives in the sites etc.


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