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Joseph LE in the East: MINFOPRA engages digital advancements to facilitate Administrative procedures.

 Joseph LE in the East: MINFOPRA engages digital advancements to facilitate Administrative procedures.

“Facilitation and dematerialization of procedures in the Cameroonian Public Service: the case of oral session of competitive examinations through video conferencing”. This was the focus of Minister Joseph LE's visit to Bertoua, capital city of the East region, yesterday 30th September 2020.

After visiting the regional delegation of the Public Service in Bertoua, which is currently under construction, Minister Joseph LE and his close collaborators opened discussions  yesterday in a press briefing at the Christiana 2 hotel of Bertoua. In presence of the governor of the East region, Grégoire MVONGO, the mayor of the town of Bertoua, the S.D.O of Lom and Djerem and other remarkable government, civil society, traditional authorities and press men, Minister LE gave a brief on all the recent actions that the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform has undertaken to engage the digital advancements and facilitate procedures involved in competitive examinations.

From shifting the responsibility of authentification of certificates from only the governor to Divisional officers, and with the establishment of an online platform to facilitate registration of candidates vying for competitive examinations and many other mechanisms whose viability have proven successful to date, Minister LE and his team hope to assist young Cameroonians as much as possible to secure spaces in the Cameroonian Public service.

The challenges are real but with much effort and determination from the part of Minister LE and his dynamic team the procedures will have a definite plausible change in the days ahead.





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