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MINFOPRA sympathises with "Hamidou's family "

MINFOPRA sympathises with "Hamidou's family "


After the sad demise of Hamidou, the Sport and physical education teacher who died two days after his long awaited integration document was signed, Joseph LE visited his family over the weekend to comfort and convey the head of State's condolence message to them.

He was called "Hamidou".

The Sports and Physical education teacher of the "lycée de Beka" in the North region who joined the current teacher's  strike to decry his pending documents which had not been signed by the Public service since 2010.

Upon getting news of this teacher's situation recently , the MINFOPRA immediately reacted by reaching him  on phone . The conversation ended rather amicably as it was deduced that the late Hamidou's documents were delayed because of incomplete files. Once he sent the elements to complete his file, rapid measures were immediately  taken to salvage his situation and sign his integration documents. Two days after the integration documents were signed alongside a congratulatory letter addressed to the deceased for showing proof of resilience on his job despite his condition, he unfortunately passed away.

Following Hamidou's sad demise, Minister Joseph LE and some of his collaborators,  travelled to Garoua over the weekend to comfort  his widow Mme BETKEMDOU Florance and the family and to convey the condolence  message of the Head of State.

Upon meeting up with a delegation of the family of the deceased, including the widow, Minister LE handed over all  documents of the deceased to the widow.

 These documents which include, his integration act as well as the regularization of  his arrears  would permit the widow to gain possession of his pension. In addition to this, he told the widow not to bother to travel to Yaoundé to follow

 up on the documents as the regional delegate of MINFOPRA for the North region had been instructed to handle it.

In response to Minister LE's message, the head of the family Mr ROSKOU Richard thanked the  Minister for the kind gesture which brought comfort to the family and on behalf of the family thanked the Head of State  and government of the Republic. While talking to the press, Minister LE ended his visit by promising  to take all measures together with the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Pauline Nalova LYONGA to ensure that the rightful claimants can fully benefit of their rights.


 MAFOR NEH Daizy Diane

Assistant Research Officer No2/ CELCOM/ MINFOPRA

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