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2023 IWD: Celebration of the 38th edition of the International Women's day (IWD) at MINFOPRA.

2023 IWD: Celebration of the 38th edition of the International Women's day (IWD) at  MINFOPRA.


In commemoration of the 38th edition of the historical 8th March, set aside to celebrate the stories of women who fought for gender equality and the emancipation of the female folk on the work floor in the 20th  century, MINFOPRA’S great ladies have demarcated  themselves this year through several activities.

Every year, great ladies of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform perform several activities to mark their capacity as mothers, wives and professionals. This year's theme “ For an inclusive digital world: Innovation and technology for gender equality" was the opportunity to sensitize MINFOPRA’S women on the place of the Public Service woman  in today’s fast pace digital world.

As it is the tradition, activities began  this year with a visit to the sick at the Efoulan district hospital in Yaoundé, the great ladies manifested generosity and care towards the mother and babies at the hospital, offering them several gifts of palettes of water, packets of napkins, toilet rolls, detergents, cleaning  equipments and some food stuffs  on the 2nd of March 2023. To prove their worth as good wives capable of keeping the peace of their homes through good food, the great ladies organized a special gastronomy fare to show case the wonderful delicacies of the different cultural zones in Cameroon  on the 03rd  of March 2023.

On the 04th and 6th March respectively, they engaged some sport disciplines, notably a sports walk and football to prove their competence in the physical activity which for a long time was reserved for the male folk. Even though the great ladies lost by 2 goals to their counterparts, the Women of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries who scored 3 goals, the women had a wonderful time and proved their worth on the field.

On the 07th of March 2023, after and elusive round- table discussion on the opportunities for women in today’s technological world,  the great ladies rounded off with a brilliant match past in beautiful sun shine fabrics  at the 20th May boulevard on the 08th of March 2023 before Prof. Marie Therese ABENA ONDOUA, Minister of the Promotion of Women’s Affair  and the Family, the representative of the first lady Mrs Chantal BIYA.

In her speech for the after party of the match past, which took place at the MINFOPRA esplanade, Mme TABOD Jacqueline, Inspector General and supervisor of the IWD celebrations at MINFOPRA appreciated the head of department Minister Joseph LE for his dedication to the satisfaction and fulfilment of the female folk of his Ministry. She however pleaded for the Minister to consider the establishment of continuous trainings for female staff in the arts of Information and Communication Technologies.

The Minister of the Public Service in his speech noted that MINFOPRA women are exceptional people who know how to combine work, house duties and other relaxation activities. He recognized their undeniable contribution to the advancement of work at MINFOPRA and urged them to continue to do well  in their different departments for the satisfaction of the users who have been crowned  royalties  of MINFOPRA.

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