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Publics Administrations: Harmonization and overall performance sought after

Publics Administrations: Harmonization and overall performance sought after

The General Strategy of Organization of Public  Administrations (GSOA),  first drafted in 1992 has been revised and  needs to be incorporated in the structural processes of different Public administrations.

In a high level workshop that was chaired by the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, yesterday 18th April 2023, at the hotel Relaxe palace, Nkometou,  Secretary generals, Directors and top officials of over 40 administrations and 12 public institutions and decentralized territorial communities, discussed on the  operationalization  of the General strategy for the organization of administrations.
In his opening address for the occasion, Minister Joseph LE emphasized the importance of the workshop which had as objective to permit the ownership  and validation of the principal orientations of the general strategy for the organization of Administrations.
Worthy of note is the fact that, the  new general strategy for organization of public administrations which  is a framing instrument for the structural organization of public administrations aims to contribute to the modernization of public services and serves as a prerequisite for the reform of public finances.
Given the necessity to increase citizen  satisfaction based on the provision of quality public services, the present GSOA was elaborated on the basis of a participative approach following extensive scientific and Administrative studies that took into consideration, numerous exchanges and interviews with public service users.
From the theme "High level workshop on ownership and validation of the general strategy for the organization of administrations", the seminar constituted a singular occasion to ameliorate the GSOA such that it becomes more flexible in line with the expectations of the head of State H.E president Paul BIYA.


Daizy Diane MAFOR


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