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Extension of the new administrative procedure for teachers and new year wishes to the MINFOPRA.


In a two-day ceremony that took place at the Jacques Menier amphitheater  of the National School of Administration and Magistracy( ENAM), from  the 25th to 26th  January 2024, Minister Joseph LE was duly honored by personnel of the central and devolved services of the Ministry of  Public Service  and Administrative Reform (MINFOPRA) as well as institutions under the tutelage of his ministry.  

Two years after the implementation of the new procedure for the treatment of teacher’s absorption files, staff of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform gathered at the  Jacques Menier amphitheatre to consider the commendable results that this has produced and to reflect on its extension to other professional corps. In his opening address at the annual conference  which saw the participation of the Minister delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Mr Jean de Dieu MOMO, Minister LE  made a precision that “the celerity of the new procedure which considers the treatment of teacher’s files in just 3months i.e 47days instead of 2 years is the reason why we gathered to push reflections on how to extend this to other professional corps and history  will note that this development brought our administration to another level”.

Amongst others, discussions centred on a number of exposés that brought to light the 0realization of the SIGIPES software and  on the other professional corps concerned and the strategy of aligning them to the reform. In what concerns the ceremony for new year wishes, Minister Joseph LE in his speech  for the occasion, informed his staff  that for the year 2024, efforts will be made to improve working conditions of his personnel.   While quoting the Head of State’s new year speech which called for the imperative fight against corruption, he warned against corrupt practices and the sale of services which have become rampart in MINFOPRA.  He ended by saying,  State agents should be guided by probity in the dispensation of their work and  every character manifested against the freedom of public services will be banished from MINFOPRA . Two main priority project areas for 2024 will be the effective implementation of a more sophisticated computerized and Payroll software, SIGIPES 2 and the digital platform for the authentication of diplomas of state employees.

For the high points of the ceremony, in an atmosphere of conviviality and in the presence of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Works, Mr Armand NDJODOM, gifts were handed over to staff who were due retirement, labour medals   were awarded to staff earmarked from different departments and Minister LE received new year wishes from all staff of his Ministry from one department to another. As expected  of such ceremonies, the day ended in and atmosphere of much feasting.


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