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New SIGIPES II : 7th session of the joint interministerial meeting for evaluation and orientations

7th session of the  new SIGIPES server joint interministerial meeting:evaluation and orientations


13 modules have been totally developed and are undergoing testing. The 7th session of the joint Interministerial committee meeting sets  the tone for the next stages.

  From the 6th session of the joint Interministerial comitee meeting that took place in March 2023,  the modules developed in the new SIGIPES server  have moved from  8 to 13. This progress is the fruit of  the strong implication of the project team of  all administrations. These efforts have led to the evolution of the prototype of the new server which will be launched in the Cameroonian environment in the nearest future.
 In a meeting that took place today at the Bouma hall of Hilton hotel, members of the joint ministerial committee in charge of assisting the service provider, monitoring and supervising the implementation of a new SIGIPES server evaluated the progress of the works done already within the new server. Amongst others, the meeting was attended by members of government, technical Directors of all ministerial departments and technicians of the service providers in charge of the project, SIMAC and AFREETECH.  In his speech for the occasion, the president of the committee, Minister Joseph LE said the new system will take into consideration the specificities of all administrations and none will be left behind.we are here today to evaluate the work done so far after the 6th session and to plan the way forward.

At present, all the 8 modules of the base unit have undergone blank testing by all administrations and the exercise now continues  for the 5 modules that were not yet developed in 2023.
It is expected that parallel treatment of documents will begin this week to compare the effectiveness of using the new system vis a vis the old server ( antilope and SIGIPES 1).
The 14th  module which is that of biometry is currently undergoing development and in the following weeks, it will also be fully developed and tested.

The meeting ended on a high note with  a  new name  (AIGLES)   given to the server to demarcate it from the former SIGIPES  and project it's uniqueness and innovations.

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