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The Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform engaged the digital age as Minister Joseph LE said yes in his signature of a Memorandum  of Understanding with the Director General of MTN Cameroon, Mr Hendrick KASTEEL.

The brief but very interesting ceremony which took place this morning at Hilton Hotel, saw the participation of several members of government, Secretary generals of ministries, Director generals of Public and private corporations and institutions and officials of the Ministry of the Public service and Administrative Reform.

In his speech, the Director of MTN noted the unique advantage of the partnership between MTN and MINFOPRA which would facilitate the management of Personnel Database and enhance productivity and effectiveness in the performance of state workers in every region of Cameroon.

Minister LE on his part, expressed his expectation for a thriving cost effective deal which will indeed serve in the best interest of all users of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative reform, given that in MINFOPRA “the user is king”. It is because of his devotion to this slogan that and extension station has been established at MINFOPRA to facilitate the dissemination of information to Public service users via the mobile network.

It is worth mentioning that, the benefits of this partnership are numerous and everything being equal, it will surely be the beginning of a new and prosperous era in MINFOPRA.

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Minister LE launches the workshop to Support Public Services in mastering Standards on the Reception of Users and Protocol.

In a bid to improve upon the situation of the Public Service as proposed by the President of the Republic H.E Paul Biya, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, launched a workshop today in the legendary premises of the Confederation for African Football in Yaounde.

The workshop which valorizes the quality of services rendered to the users of Public services in the country, as registered in the 1756 norms, brought together, administrators and technical personnel involved in the reception of users  and protocol within different services in the country. Amongst others we mention, regional delegates, technical secretaries, Directors, counsellors of administrations and heads of protocol of governor’s office.

In his opening speech, the Minister took time to list out some major obstacles affecting the Cameroonian Public Service and called upon the participants to pay special attention to the workshop so they can become ambassadors and agents of vulgarization of the norms. This is hopefully going to be a new era where improved service deliveries will serve the best interest of Cameroon state workers and change their perception towards the Public service.

It is worth noting that, the Public services are the main vectors of development and in order to attain this, Minster LE says,  appropriate strategies must be employed to sustain the kingly position of Public service users.

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Minister Joseph Le Launches a seminar organized for stakeholders involved in the Organisation of Government Competitive Examinations.


Following the major pre-occupation surrounding the question of youth unemployment  and the attention given to  government competitive examinations, as presented in the end of year 2018 speech of the President of the Republic, H.E Paul Biya, the Minister of the Public service and Administrative Reform, presided over a seminar to enhance the procedures considered in the organization of Competitive examinations in Cameroon, this day 30th October in Yaounde.

The seminar which hosted over 100 participants  was organized under the theme “Induction workshop for stakeholders involved in the Organisation of government competitive examinations”. It was attended by, Director generals of some public Institutions involved in the elaboration of public Examinations (the National School of Administration and Magistracy and the Higher Institute of Public Management), Directors of the central services of the Ministry of the Public service and Administrative Reform, Regional Delegates of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform and all other actors involved in the decision making and materialization process of government competitive examinations in the country.

In his opening speech, the Minister noted that the Ministry of the Public Service doesn’t have the primary role to fight against unemployment but the management of recruitments in the Public sector remain a much appreciated effort in the fight against unemployment in Cameroon. In a context of modernization of the Cameroonian Public Administration that draws the attention of the Ministry, it is necessary to sensitize actors involved in the different processes of the recruitment of civil servants to permit them have a better mastery of the digital age vis-vis the multiple constraints involved in the different procedures of government competitive examinations.

Following this introductive formula, participants were drilled on the modalities and procedures of government competitive examinations and after going through all of the different segments of the seminar, they came up with recommendations to facilitate the organization of Competitive examinations vis-à-vis the existing constraints of the digital age and the  Cameroonian situational context.

The Minister closed the ceremony on a positive note, reminding participants to adhere very strongly to the recommendations that were brought forth to guarantee a smooth transition into the digital age and also ensure a better management  of the processes involved in the organization of government competitive examinations.

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Following her appointment as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development(MINHDU) last year, Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes proposed new measures for an appropriate orientation and re-organization  of the services of her Ministerial department. It is in this light that,

The Minister  of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, chaired a supervisory meeting today in the conference room of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform. With the objective to follow up on the proposals of the project committee created to elaborate a project proposal for the re-organization of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Minister beckoned on his collaborators to participate actively in the elaboration of the project document.

Amongst others, the Project proposal document which is still to be validated  previews the creation of new departments and re-organization of old divisions within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. According to her vision, Minister Courtes hopes to:

-Establish an appropriate orientation that befits the domain of competence of her Ministerial department, and

-Foster the steps towards the accomplishment of the vision 2035 for development in the country.

Experts from MINHDU, and other connective Ministerial departments who form part of the committee,  value the vision of Minister Courtes and are working hard to bring it to reality.

Meanwhile in his closing remarks, Minister LE of the Public Service called on the committee to pay special attention to the document and bring forth the best possible proposal as soon as possible.

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