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Orange Cameroon proposes a win-win partnership to MINFOPRA

In a meeting that took place today in the conference hall of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, the Multi-National mobile telephone company, Orange Cameroon presented their offers to the Ministry.
During the meeting which was chaired by the Minster of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, experts from the telephone mobile company proposed quick solutions to accompany the Ministry in its structural roles within the state of Cameroon and in her external relations.

Amongst others, Orange Cameroon is offering free calls, message bundles, interconnectivity of websites and other advantages of their services, for a proposed amount of funds whose payment would be determined by the end of the negotiation phase.
While discussions are ongoing to ascertain the technical advantage of this deal, it is important to note that, Minister Joseph LE and his collaborators are advancing different measures to optimize the usage of numeric advancements, hence provide rapid solutions to the needs of their users.

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Minister Joseph LE launches the 2019 competitive examinations session for Clerical Assistants of treasury and Finance Controlers.

In an August visit to the School of Administration and Magistracy  this morning, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, went through the examination halls to inspect the modalities  applied in the writing of the concour for 50 assistant finance Controlers and  50  Clerical Assistants of treasury in Cameroon.

 According to the Minister, the percentages have considerably increased this year, especially for those from the North West who registered 91% and the South West, 96%. There's no considerable report about any distortions so far, hence the exams are moving on smoothly.

It is worth noting that, even the visually impaired  persons were given an opportunity to prove their competence.

In his closing remarks, Minister LE expressed his satisfaction in the work of his collaborators and encouraged all Cameroonians to participate freely and fairly in the examinations.He also re-ittirated that there's no other way to succeed in an exam than working hard.Parents and students shouldn't be deceived by dubious personalities who give them fake promises.Only the brave and hard-working will be admissible.

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Minister Joseph LE inaugurates the new power supply equipment at the Regional delegation of the Public Service for the Centre region.

Following the incessant complaints of power shortage at the Regional delegation of the Public Service in Yaounde, the Public Service and Administrative Reform boss, Joseph LE,  posed a symbolic visit today at the delegation, to  inaugurate the new transformer and other equipments that are being installed. 

The ministerial delegation which also  host several detached departments of the Ministry of the  Public Service  and Administrative Reform will finally come out of darkness from lack of water and power supply equipment and the installation of the fibre optic waves.

It is worth noting that,  these problems which  have been a major concern would finally have a solution as the minister envisages September 15th as the last date to solve the problems. In his exchanges with the staff after visiting the site and structures put in place within the building, the minister congratulated his collaborators who have shown proof of resilience despite their  difficult working conditions.

He also mentioned that, following a special donation from the Head of States last year, for the modernisation of the administration,  the delegation will benefit from an infrastructal improvement in what concerns information and technology. This innovations will require an optimum capacity building program to meet up with the expectations of the Ministry.

According to the Minister, the president definitely expects much from the Ministry, hence the staff and collaborators should rise up to the challenges and efficiently improve on their output. To these effect, the minister closed the session in a symbolic handover of some equipments to facilitate the work of his collaborators.some of these, include, 45 desktops, printers and 2 photocopiers.

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The Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform say No to Corruption!

  "Dear Public Service users, please do denounce and give suggestions that will help booster and improve our services". These were the high notes of the minister of the Public Service, Joseph LE, during a ceremony organised to officially launch the activities of the anti corruption unit of the ministry today 10 June 2019.The meeting which took place in the club MINFOPRA hall in presence of the president of CONAC ,Rev Dr. Massi GAMS Dieudonné was attended by the staff of the ministry and other concerned parties of the national anti-corruption unit. Amongst other things, minister Joseph LE, re-iterated his committed vision of reforming the Public Service for the well being of her numerous users. This commitment which includes fighting against behaviours which favour corruption practices within the Public Service will be demonstrated by the activities of the anti-corruption unit.These activities which also translate concrete measures against corruption in the Public Administration of Cameroon include:-Identifying, reducing and eliminating opportunities of corruption-Identifying and reprimanding authors and accomplices of acts of corruption-Elaborate a behaviour code for the staff, on practices liable to reproach;-Continue the management of complaints on acts of corruption, submitted through the email address of the unit( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and the suggestion boxes made available;-Follow-up of denunciation made in 2018;-Exploitation of the suggestion boxes.The meeting ended on a promising note after the visitation and observations of the equipments and documents prepared against corruption in the Ministry!

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