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 Joseph LE in the East: MINFOPRA engages digital advancements to facilitate Administrative procedures.

“Facilitation and dematerialization of procedures in the Cameroonian Public Service: the case of oral session of competitive examinations through video conferencing”. This was the focus of Minister Joseph LE's visit to Bertoua, capital city of the East region, yesterday 30th September 2020.

After visiting the regional delegation of the Public Service in Bertoua, which is currently under construction, Minister Joseph LE and his close collaborators opened discussions  yesterday in a press briefing at the Christiana 2 hotel of Bertoua. In presence of the governor of the East region, Grégoire MVONGO, the mayor of the town of Bertoua, the S.D.O of Lom and Djerem and other remarkable government, civil society, traditional authorities and press men, Minister LE gave a brief on all the recent actions that the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform has undertaken to engage the digital advancements and facilitate procedures involved in competitive examinations.

From shifting the responsibility of authentification of certificates from only the governor to Divisional officers, and with the establishment of an online platform to facilitate registration of candidates vying for competitive examinations and many other mechanisms whose viability have proven successful to date, Minister LE and his team hope to assist young Cameroonians as much as possible to secure spaces in the Cameroonian Public service.

The challenges are real but with much effort and determination from the part of Minister LE and his dynamic team the procedures will have a definite plausible change in the days ahead.





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Workshop on the Security of Persons and equipment at MINFOPRA

In a workshop that took place this evening at the reception hall of the user’s house of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, the Minister, Joseph LE laid emphasis on the importance of security measures for the safety of equipment and well being of the staff of his ministerial department.

During the meeting which was attended by a host of MINFOPRA directors and subdirectors, a delegation led by the president of the Red Cross, Madame Cecile AKAM gave a demonstrative  presentation on some necessary first aid measures to employ in a situation of crisis, for the security and safety of persons.

It is worth noting that, this workshop is a responsive follow up on the false alarm which created panic at MINFOPRA on the 17th of August 2020.

Amongst others, the workshop  ended with a visitation of the new detection machine stationed at the police post at the entrance of the main building of MINFOPRA . In the days ahead, new measures would be implemented to control the movement of persons and equipment at MINFOPRA, and a training on first aid measures would be given to the staff of MINFOPRA.


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A new Methodological framework for a better Public Administration.

Yesterday 03rd September 2020, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Minister Joseph LE officially launched the workshop to review the Methodological guide for the drawing up of organization frameworks and experimentation in ten pilot ministries.

Amongst others, the opening ceremony of the workshop which would be rounding up today in Ebolowa, was attended by the governor of the South region, Mr Felix Nguélé Nguélé, the Senior divisions officer of Mvilla, the Mayor of Ebolowa, officials from the ten pilot ministries, and close collaborators of Minister LE.

In his opening speech Minister LE noted that, from it’s theme,  the workshop is meant to put the right person in the right place and maximize capacities in our public administration.


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MINFOPRA launches a training workshop on the Acquisition and Management of State Property today 05th August 2020

As a response to the  increasing challenges and stakes of acquiring and managing state property in Cameroon, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph LE, officially launched a training workshop today 05th August 2020 at the Djeuga Palace Hotel Yaoundé

The workshop which seeks to abilitate officials of MINFOPRA and bodies under her supervisory authority with essential skills in acquiring and managing state property has been previewed to run for two days  under the theme “ Acquisition and Management of State Property”.

Amongst others, the opening ceremony of the workshop was attended by some members of government, (the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, the Minister delegate at the presidency of the Republic in charge of Supreme State Audit, Mme Rose Fomundam epse Mbah Acha, the representative of the Minister of land Tenure and State Property) and close collaborators of the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform.

According to Minister LE, this training workshop represents a singular opportunity for MINFOPRA and bodies under her supervisory authority to gain good mastery on the technics and principles of good management of State Property, based on laws and regulations which if violated can lead to severe penalties.


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