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MINFOPRA Launches Rapid Results Initiative(RRI) for the year 2020

With an objective to “Treat 10,000 contract teacher’s files within 100 days” starting today 18 of June 2020, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph LE, officially launched the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) for the year 2020.

The ceremony which took place in presence of the representative of the president of the anti-corruption commission (CONAC) Pr. François ANOUKAHA, vice president of CONAC, was attended by a delegation from CONAC and participants from the operational departments concerned (the Department of Career Management, the Division for the National Coordination of SIGIPES and the sub-department in charge of the Reception, Delivery and Liaison of Mails in MINFOPRA.

According to Minister LE, this year’s activity is characterized by a laudable initiative, given that, it promises to de-congest and alleviate the long waiting of the target population who represent 75% of MINFOPRA’s users. Added to this, is the fact that, the exercise is undertaken in a period when access to the Ministry is limited, given the current context of respecting barrier measures in the fight against COVID-19.

After following the technical guideline previewed for the operationalization of the exercise by the Inspector General of MINFOPRA and having visited the different structures concerned in the exercise, Pr. ANOUKAHA gave a satisfactory remark with the advancements of the preparation phase and expressed his hope to return in November for a successful evaluation and appreciation of the exercise.

It is important to note that, the (RRI) is an initiative inspired by CONAC to encourage transparency and accompany administrations to de-congest their work and provide rapid solutions to their target population within well-defined time limits. Of recent, MINFOPRA has received not less than 6000 files from teachers of the Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels of education and the challenges of treating them every day are real in consideration of the available staff. However, with an engagement to re-enforce the task force of the department of career management, Minister LE and his team are optimistic about completing their target of treating 10,000 files within 100 working days. These teachers and personnel of other disciplines, especially those living in the regions, would not have to travel again to Yaoundé to follow the progress of their documents. They are encouraged to wait for November 2020 when they would be notified to come collect their already treated and signed documents. At MINFOPRA, the user is always King!

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MINFOPRA visits ENAM to Supervise re- opening of Schools amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In accordance with the recent instructions of the Head of States, H.E Paul Biya and the Prime Minister head of government, Joseph Dion Ngute, pertaining to the re-opening of schools for students of final year classes and some public institutions, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE visited the National School of Administration and Magistracy( ENAM) this morning.

After taking rounds through all the different classes, he noted exceptionally that, the administration and students of ENAM have responded  promptly to the instructions of the president and the head of government following the barrier measures  edicted by the government and the WHO in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. These measures which include amongst others, respecting social distances, the obligatory wearing of face mask, placement of water points for the required handwashing exercise, the usage of hand sanitizers have been well applied.

Apart from these, which constituted the main objective of his visit, Minister LE also took sight of the infrastructural plan of the  building that would host the Common law section of ENAM.

It is worth noting that, this is not an official re- opening of the School of Administration and Magistracy but a strategic re-opening  to ensure the continuity of the first term which was already launched last December but unfortunately had to be halted in March 2020 when Covid- 19 hit Cameroon. As a follow up, the Prime Minister, head of government edicted 13 measures to restrict movements and other activities liable to propagate the spread of the virus, amongst which schools were shut down since then till date.

3 months after the shut down, the new instructions of the head of government demanding the  re- opening of schools in Cameroon  amidst the Covid- 19 pandemic remains  very remarkable given that,  It indicates that despite the growing numbers of cases of Covid-19 in Cameroon, education remains a priority but it must be pursued following the scrupulous  respect of the barrier measures put in place to combat the spread of the virus.

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Joseph LE visits the Advanced Institute of Public Management(ISMP).

In concomitance with the government's recent decision permitting the resumption of schools for students of examination classes and higher education institutes, Minister Joseph LE made a supervisory visit to the Advanced Institute of Public Management ( ISMP) this morning 15th June 2020.

Amongst others, the MINFOPRA boss and his collaborators went through the classes to ensure the smooth running of classes in total respect of the barrier measures against the deadly Co- vid pandemic.

As expected, at the end of his tour through the different classrooms, Minister Le gave a satisfactory  remark on the dispositions put in place to combat Co- vid while facilitating the smooth running of classes. In this regard, one could notice the water points spread around the school campus for the obligatory hand washing exercise, the respect of the social distance gaps and the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

He equally commended the administration of the school led by the Director, Mr Mokwe Edward Misime for their prompt response to the instructions of the government and commended the infrastructural rehabilitation of the building hosting the school.

It is worth noting that, the Advanced Institute of Public Management offers a professional Masters program in public Management for top officials in private and public agencies. Ideally the program is meant to improve competences and skills of those in service in the public and private sector within a period of four semesters after which they are issued a professional Masters in their field of study according to the three minors offered by the school:

- Management of Public Organizations,

 -Management of Regional and Local authorities ( MCTD) and

- Management of Public Finance ( MFIP).

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Minister Joseph LE visits the different  sites hosting MINFOPRA services

In application to the high instructions  of the President of the Republic , H.E Paul Biya, communicated by the Prime Minister head of government Joseph DION NGUTE during the cabinet meeting of the 30 of April 2020, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform proceeded since this Monday 04th May 2020 in the visit of the different sites hosting MINFOPRA services.

The goal of this tour is for Minister Joseph LE to ensure that all personnel are effectively present at their duty post. This is to scrupulously respect the protective measures instituted by the government and the WHO in the context of the fight against the propagation  of Covid-19.

In this light, from one service to the other, one office to another, the control is rigorous. The majority of the personnel are actually  present at their duty post, to render services to the user kings.


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