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MINFOPRA meets country Director of the World Bank

In a two man exclusive meeting today,23th January 2020,  the Minster of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE met and had discussions with the Director in charge of operations of the World Bank for Cameroon, Mr Abdoulaye Seck.

On the brief but very interesting agenda, they had talks on how the World Bank can support the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform in facilitating the Modernization process of the Cameroon Public Administration.

During an interview, Mr Abdoulaye Seck told press men that he was very delighted with the ongoing process of modernizing the Public Service and the world bank would be very instrumental to provide financial support to development programs and projects that are envisaged in this light, like for example, the SIGIPES project.

The meeting ended on a positive note with a lot of hope for a fruitful partnership  between the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform and the World bank.


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In furtherance of the already warm relations existing between the British High Commission and Cameroon, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE granted an audience early this morning to the High Commissioner, Rowan James Laxton.

Amongst others, the diplomat disclosed that, the object of his visit focused mainly on two salient objectives which included:

- preparing for a study visit to the UK to support the Minister's agenda towards improving the Cameroonian Public Administration and

-opening  discussions on the recent law on local and regional administrations on the role of Public Independent Conciliator which can improve public Administration, in line with quickening the decentralization process in the country.

It is worth noting that, the second point on the agenda, follows after discussions from the recent major national dialogue and  meeting of the National Assembly.

It is expected that, the shared experiences between the two countries improve public confidence and hence public service performance in Cameroon.

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MINFOPRA opens the new year with a Colloquium on the Modernization of the Cameroonian Public Service.


The year 2020 has began on a promising note with the organization of a first of it’s kind, colloquium on the Modernization of the Cameroonian Public Service.

Under the distinguished patronage of H.E president Paul Biya and the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, head of government, chief Joseph Dion Ngute, the three days colloquium which began today, 13th January 2020, envisages the official launching of a new era in the Cameroonian Public Service.

Everything put in place, Minister Joseph LE and his collaborators are mobilizing all efforts to change the mindsets of Cameroonians and initiate modern ways of managing the staff force of the country in an era of globalization and technological advancement.

The opening ceremony which was attended by a good number of members of government was flooded by more than 600 people from all works of life( students, professors, business men, civil society organizations, civil servants etc) who came to get valid answers to their concerns and witness the launching of the new era of Modernization.

Before launching the colloquium, the PM, expressed his satisfaction with the new resolve of MINFOPRA and everything being equal we can only see that MINFOPRA is reserving the best for it’s kingly users.

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Minister LE quenches tensions of some state personnel undergoing difficulties since 2011

In a meeting organized this morning at the 7th floor of his ministerial department, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, convened some representatives of over 400 state employees recruited within the context of the 25000 special recruitments launched in 2011 and  whose documents have not been completely treated since then.

The speaker  of the frustrated personnel, recognized that in effect they were recruited in 2011 but have been to the Ministry of the Public Service severally to follow their documents to no avail. Up until date, they have no signed contract, approved matricule and hence no salaries. The challenges are numerous and complicated as some of them have had to travel from far to follow up their documents in Yaoundé  but have not had any positive response in the past 8years. The deadlock of the situation is that they can barely feed their families, sponsor their transport to work  or pay fees for their children.

Upon due consultation of the situation amongst his collaborators, the Minister recognized the shortcoming of the Ministry and apologized for the turn out of  events surrounding their documents. As concrete action, he promised to solve the problem as soon as possible. Amongst others, the solutions  include an updated pre- report on the general situation of the documents of these workers to the Prime Minster and a constant follow up with details given to the concerned persons once every week.

Minister LE emphasized that the user is king at MINFOPRA and  closed the session by saluting their sense of patriotism while encouraging them to return to their stations and be rest assured the situation will be handled in the shortest time possible.

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