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MINFOPRA grants audience to members of the executive bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council

In a meeting that was attended by over 20 executive members, representatives of more than 4700 youth associations, led by the president of the National Youth Council, Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, the Minister  of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE laid emphasis on government’s unflinching support to Cameroonian youths.

The meeting which took place today, 29 July 2020 in the user’s house of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform was an opportunity for these youths to appreciate the multiple actions of the Minister  towards alleviating the frustrations of Cameroonian youths, especially in the digitalization of the Cameroonian Public service.

Everything being equal, these youths also took out time to express the grievances of youths which still originate from the problem of unemployment.

In response to them, Minister LE  explained government’s procedure of recruitment and reassured the youths of the willingness of government to support the youths. In his closing note, he promised to  forward these frustrations to hierarchy for better exploitation that prioritizes youths in government’s policy.

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Minister Joseph LE chairs the Interministerial Concertation of Different Administrations

In concomitance with the recommendations of the end of year 2019 speech of H.E Paul Biya which called for the modernization of the Public Service and following the recent national colloquium on the modernization of the Cameroonian Public Administration which took place last 13-15 January 2020, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, chaired an interministerial concertation today 01 July 2020, to follow up on the advancements of the work on ground.

The concertation which was organized under the theme “Interministerial concertation on the challenges and constraints of the dematerialization of the procedures for Recruiting Public Officials at MINFOPRA”, was a unique opportunity for technical representatives of different administrations to present a situational analysis of the current mechanisms that have been adapted or are under preparations to achieve the dematerialization of procedures of recruitment in consideration of the advancements of the digital age.

In his opening speech, Minister LE noted the importance of the dematerialization of procedures involved in the recruitment of public officials, especially taking into account the usefulness of digital platforms which would help to simplify and accelerate the work load involved at different stages of the recruitment chain from one administration to the other.

In this light, he made precision on the fact that, to attain the objective of the Head of States and concretize the recommendations of the last national colloquium on the modernization of the Public service, it would be important to;

-Re-enforce capacities of personnel of different concerned administration,

-Acquire adequate equipment to facilitate the dematerialization of procedures in every concerned administration

- Ensure synergy of actions between the different concerned administrations.


The representatives who came from different administrations like (Minsante, Minfof, Minepat, Mintransport, Minesec, Minedub, Minpostel, Minepia, Minjustice, Minat, Minddevel, Minfi, Minfop, DGI) presented the different projects which have been adapted to ensure the dematerialization of some  documents like (medical report, medical certificates, certification of birth certificate, authentication of presentation of originals, certification of degrees, fiscal and communal stamps and certificate of non- conviction).

The meeting ended on a positive note, after discussions and a series of recommendations to actualize the current mechanisms adapted for the dematerialization of procedures involved in the recruitment chain from one administration to another.



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MINFOPRA supervises examination procedures of ENAM 2020

At about 3am this day Saturday 25th July 2020, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph LE , effectuated an unexpected visit to the National School of Administration and Magistracy( ENAM).

The visit which was guided by the Director General of ENAM Bertrand Soumbou Angoula,  was aimed at supervising the procedures undertaken in the selection, translation and printing of scripts for  subjects of the competitive examination of cycle B entrance into the administrative division of ENAM  for this 2020 session.

According to Minister LE, this timely visit which comes up in a precarious period of the coronavirus pandemic, was also to ensure the smooth functioning of examination procedures, in order to limit  the chances of fraud and cheating while respecting the barrier measures imposed against the Covid- 19 pandemic.

After participating in the selection and printing procedures of examination scripts, Minister LE also made a tour around the seven examination sites set aside for the exercise.

Unfortunately given that other  official examinations are currently being written, it was not possible  to host the over 7842 candidates who registered for this session of the concours at the unique Centre of the school premises.

Minister LE however saluted  the administration of ENAM who have deployed and effective procedure and organization for the smooth functioning of this session, taking into consideration the social distance barrier mechanism that has been well respected in the prevention of the spread of  Covid- 19.

 In total, this session of entrance into ENAM for cycle A and B has registered over 24000 candidates and only 400 would possibly be retained by the end of the written and oral exercise.

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MINFOPRA Chairs the last preparatory meeting for the recruitment of English Speaking Judicial Personnel for the Courts of Appeal of the North West and South West Juridictions.

The modalities of the 2020 session for the special recruitment of 50 student Magistrates and 30 court registrars for the courts of Appeal of the North West and South West region was decided over today, 22 June 2020.

In a preparatory meeting that assembled members of the adhoc committee in charge of the recruitment of the aforementioned students of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE officially launched the last session of the special recruitment exercise in the User’s house of MINFOPRA.

This special recruitment exercise which began in 2017 following presidential instructions, was established with the objective of improving our judicial system in response to complaints raised by some lawyers. Since then, the competitive examinations (concours) have been organized in four examinations Centers (Bamenda, Buea, Garoua and Yaoundé).

In the last three years, a total number of 200 Magistrates and 120 court registrars of English expression have been recruited for the jurisdictions of North West and South West courts of Appeal. It is however worth noting the significant drop of the number of candidates registered during these years; 3.117 candidates in 2017, 1.451 candidates in 2018, 1.186 candidates in 2019 and 1.130 candidates have been registered for the year 2020.

Amidst the current context marked by the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, Minister LE encouraged members of the committee to put in more efforts so as to meet the objectives of the present exercise with professionalism.

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