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MINFOPRA: goodwill ambassador of the Head of State's instructions to the HTTTC Douala

MINFOPRA: goodwill ambassador of the Head of State's instructions to the HTTTC Douala

As of date, college technical teachers would no longer have to wait for 30 months after graduation for their integration or contractualization documents to be treated. Procedures have been reduced, deadlines have been shortened.

This good news is the message that animated  Minister Joseph LE's visit to the Higher Teacher's Training College in Douala yesterday 16th March 2022.

In presence of Prof. Magloire ONDOUA, rector of the University of Douala and other administrative as well as academic authorities who welcomed him and his four- man delegation composed of the Director in charge of State human resources, the Director in-charge of Career management and the Director in- charge of Computer Systems, Minister LE  explained MINFOPRA's readiness and  engagement to carry out the Head of State's instructions to the latter.
This instruction which has to do with systematizing the compiling of integration files for teachers before the end of their training by both the interested parties and the institutions to which they are affiliated is aimed at reducing deadlines in the treatment of teacher's integration or contractualization  files from 30 months to 3 months.

According to Minister LE, the student teachers would no longer suffer to transition their files from the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) to the Ministry of Secondary Education ( MINESEC), before the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform (MINFOPRA). It will henceforth leave from ENSET to the regional delegations of MINFOPRA or central services of MINFOPRA where treatment will commence effectively.

After his buoyant visit saluted by the technical teachers' community and their Directors, he made a stop at the regional delegation of the Littoral to inspect equipments and ensure dispositions are rightly taken to effectively commence the reception and transmission of  teacher's files for treatment in MINFOPRA central services in Yaoundé.

This message of hope is the beginning of government's engagements towards teacher's grievances, and it will  certainly go through other regions  with Minister Joseph LE as the goodwill ambassador.

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