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MINFOPRA Caravan : Joseph LE shares the good news with the teacher's community of the South West region.

MINFOPRA Caravan : Joseph LE shares the good news with the teacher's community of the South West region.

The MINFOPRA caravan landed on the mountain tops of Buea today. It was about bringing glad tidings on the Head of State's message to the teacher's community of Buea and Kumba.

After the university of Douala yesterday, the MINFOPRA caravan journeyed to the South West region today to also explain MINFOPRA's role in the execution of the instructions of the head of State, aimed at reducing deadlines in the treatment of teacher's files.

After the reception of the governor of the South West region, Bernard Okalia BILAI and the vice chancellor of the university of Buea, Professor NGOMO Horace MANGA and other Administrative and academic authorities of the South West region, Minister Joseph LE took the floor at the university of Buea, to explain the reasons for his August visit.

Animated by the spirit of devotion to his work and to the head of State's instructions, Minister LE told  the academicians  that the new procedures aims at reducing the processing time of absorption and or reclassification files of Higher Teacher's Training College ()HTTC and Higher Technical Teacher's Training College (HTTTC) graduates.

 It shall hence  include:
- the authentication of diplomas and where applicable, their equivalence, latest from the year of training of successful candidates as well as,

 - the constitution of absorption files by candidates concerned atleast three months before the end of their training.

The new procedure will therefore mean that teacher's documents while in training and  upon graduation will be under follow up and transfered for immediate treatment by MINFOPRA upon graduation, such that a short time after graduation their integration documents into the Public service would be readily available.

After his brilliant exposé warmly appreciated by the teacher's community of the university of Buea and the HTTTC of kumba, the Minister answered some pertinent questions on the subject matter and other related matters before moving over to visit the regional delegation of MINFOPRA for the South West region.

 In the same spirit of inspecting capacities of his regional delegations to effectively carry out the head of State's new instructions, Mnister LE went through the facility and equipments and saw that the regional delegation was ready to commence reception and transmission of teacher's files as expected.

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