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ATLANTIC INSURANCE CAMEROON : Beginning of a Fruitful partnership with MINFOPRA

ATLANTIC INSURANCE CAMEROON : Beginning of a Fruitful partnership  with MINFOPRA


The Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform and Atlantic Insurance Cameroon, merged for a Health coverage of personnel, through the signature of an agreement on Friday 8, 2022 at Hilton hotel in Yaoundé.

     Officiated by the Personal Representative of the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, the Secretary General of MINFOPRA Mr. MAÏNA Anatole, the health insurance was signed yesterday, between the Ministry of the Public Service and Atlantic Insurance Cameroon. The reason of the agreement is to meet  the needs of less privileged workers who do not benefit from this health insurance, which is an essential need and thus encourage Cameroonian workers in their service to the State.

The signature comes after dense meetings between the two parties concerned, in an  effort to find the balance between performance, viability and reliability that is appropriate in this type of agreement.  _I Salute the synergy of pro actions and the patience of the actors of this protocol which includes 14 articles divided into three chapters._ mentioned the Secretary General of MINFOPRA.

To return to its genesis, it is important to emphasize that this agreement comes from the importance of health in the process of development and in the growth of an organization or a state, as well as the consistent and legitimate aspiration of all  personnel to access quality care.

Also present at the ceremony, was the President of the Staff Association of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform who addressed his salutation and satisfaction to Directors of Atlantic Insurance Cameroon  for moving to Yaoundé for the signature of the convention. In return,  the Director General of Atlantic Insurance laid emphasis on the fact that this health insurance is accessible to every social class, particularly those of the Public Service. 

The event, naturally ended with a family photograph with the members of the high table and officials in the hall.


Linda MBAL/ Journalist/ Communication Unit

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