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MINFOPRA receives members of Parliament of the Education and Youth Commission

MINFOPRA receives members of Parliament of the Education and Youth Commission

The representatives of the legislative arm of government from different constituencies concluded their visit to MINFOPRA today with much satisfaction and anticipation as they witnessesd first hand the herculean job accomplished by the MINFOPRA in application of the presidential instructions relative to the resolution of the Teacher's crisis.

Pursuant to his passage before the  National Assembly last 05th April 2022, Minister Joseph LE received a delegation of the Members of Parliament of the National Assembly led by honourable FANDJA Gabriel today 19th April 2022.
They came to inspect the material and infrastructural actions that have  been undertaken by Minister Joseph LE to implement the Head of State's instructions in relation to solving the Teacher's crisis.

During a meeting that preceded a guided tour to the technical services of the ministry where user's complaints are received and career instruments are treated, the MPs posed  several questions as a follow up to the Minister's explicit speech.
Honourable SOPPO TOUTE Marlyse of the Littoral region, congratulated the Minister fro his laudable work but she wanted to understand the effectiveness of decentralisation of the Public Service in the regions.  To this question, Minister LE noted that the regional delegations are sufficiently capacitated with equipments and human resources  to manage MINFOPRA users in the regions.  
To prove the effectiveness of the work done at the regional delegations, 433 documents that have come in from the South West region within the context of the new procedure of treating teacher's files from the regional delegation to the central services would be tested in the coming days.
On his part, the president of the commission, Honourable FANDJA sought to find out what would be done concretely to solve the problems of civil servants who still wait for long after retirement to receive their pensions and when would the problem of equivalence of diplomas be solved.
Minister LE answered saying, it is possible for civil servants  to receive their pensions once they retire, however the challenge resides in the fact that, most civil servants go on retirement without completing their documents and hence it takes time to update their documents before they can receive their pensions, however a manual of procedure which will be vulgarized in the nearest future has been produced to help pensioners follow up their retirement procedures.
On the question of equivalences, he also remarked that, most civil servants who obtain their diplomas in foreign countries do not take time to follow up the procedures to obtain the authentication of their diplomas and this also contributes to the delays in the treatment of their documents. As solution, the ministry is working on establishing a digital platform in collaboration with other administrations and institutions to facilitate the authentication of diplomas  for diplomas obtained  in the country, meanwhile reflections are still on going on how to manage that of  others obtained abroad in the nearest future.
Minister LE concluded his intervention  by noting that with a limited budget, much has been done at the level of MINFOPRA to dematerialise and simplify procedures and to this effect, his ministry would be leading the government trade fare (SAGO)  this year from the  22nd of June to the 01st of July  to project these realization  in view of modernization of the Cameroonian Public Service to the grand public.

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