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FINANCE BILL 2023: Nearly 14 billion for MINFOPRA

FINANCE BILL 2023: Nearly 14 billion for MINFOPRA


Minister Joseph LE, presented the program of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform (MINFOPRA) on behalf of the 2023 financial year. The budget for this program worth 13,715,000,000 FCFA was defended,  before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly, on November 28.

  On this day of debate in the National Assembly, MINFOPRA first took stock of the use of the appropriations authorized to the ministerial department for which it is responsible, for the year ending (2022), before justifying  the needs for new budget allocations for the 2023 financial year.
  As priorities among its sovereign activities, "The establishment of a platform for the authentication of the diplomas of public officials, the finalization of the new SIGIPES II project, as well as the continuation of the dematerialization and simplification of administrative procedures".  The Honorable MOUTYMBO Rosette Julienne wife AYAYI, President of the said Commission wanted to obtain clarification from the Minister on the subject of recruitment at the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM).  MINFOPRA's responses to all related questions have removed any ambiguity.
  In order to operationalize the vision of a modern, more efficient Cameroonian Public Service, at the service of all citizens, as set out in the National Development Strategy for 2030 (SND-30), MINFOPRA  sets as a strategic objective, the guarantee to users of a quality service with a view to economic and social development, a guarantee of the general interest.

  Minister Joseph LE clarified that the bottleneck when it comes to dealing with the integration files, and even the careers of State agents, remains at the level of the institutions which issue diplomas;  which slowed down the procedure for a considerable time.
  Also, he specifies to the AYAYI Commission during these exchanges that, <<The corresponding contract has already been awarded and that a period of 3 months has been given to the service provider to reflect on this diploma platform.  »

  MINFOPRA's vision for the year 2023 is a continuation of the project undertaken since 2018 by Minister Joseph LE, in order to contribute to improving the quality of services provided to public service users in the context of dematerialization  and simplification of procedures.

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