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ENAM 2022 results: joy and celebration amongst bike riders in Yaoundé.

ENAM 2022 results: joy and celebration amongst bike riders in Yaoundé.


With shouts of joy and motives of unflinching  support to the Head of State, H.E President Paul BIYA, representatives of the Bike Riders' trade union in Yaoundé , stormed the main building of MINFOPRA today 27th December 2022 to celebrate the admission of their colleague into the prestigious National School of Administration and Magistracy.

Congruent to the policy of equal opportunities and equal chances for all, the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform as well as the management of ENAM have admitted a bike rider into ENAM.

SOULEYMANOU who is now admitted into cycle B of General Administration at ENAM testifies of his total satisfaction with the Head of State, H.E president Paul BIYA and attests that indeed hard work pays because he did not bribe anyone to gain entrance into ENAM. The young bike rider, has become the first to emerge to this levelling up and this defies the pessimistic perception of some Cameroonian youths who think entrance into ENAM is subject to bribery and corruption.

In response to the effervescent atmosphere created by the bike riders, Minister Joseph LE  recalled that this success is the result of hard work  and the fact that the Head of State's policy considers all groups, tribes and races in Cameroon. For the Public Service boss, only two things are necessary to succeed in the ENAM concours: first of all, the candidate’s performance and secondly, regional balance. To conclude his speech, he encouraged all youths to continue to believe in the Head of State and not to be discouraged because their stories can change at anytime.

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