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Collaboration: Samuel Eto'o Fils at MINFOPRA

Samuel Eto’o Fils at MINFOPRA 

Sports, an essential factor for human development and a unifying factor in nation building, was the main agenda of discussion between the President of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto'o Fils and the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph LE, during an audience this Monday 09th January 2023 in his cabinet.

In  prelude to the launching of a veteran  championship competition, the President of FECAFOOT saw it necessary to invite  the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform to participate in the exercise. According to him, sports, especially football is very important.  

For  Minister Joseph LE, in the administration we don't need to work only everyday, we also need to relax.  football being a major sport in Cameroon therefore,  it could be important for the Public Service and FECAFOOT to have a convention that can help both institutions to continue to promote football.  Eto'o is here to encourage veterans to be unrelenting about joining the football revolution.

In fact there are beautiful prospects between FECAFOOT and all strata of our society. Football doesn't have to be limited to the professional level, it has to consider every one; little children,  youths and adults alike and Eto'o hopes to vulgarize this agenda in all administrations. The  exchange of new year wishes and MINFOPRA’s offering of a symbolic gift to FECAFOOT President, closed the audience.

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