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MINFOPRA: Minister LE accords attention to a group of young Parliamentarians

As part of his support for the welfare and well-being of Cameroonian youths, Minister Joseph LE granted audience to a group of young parliamentarians  today 10th February 2021 in the new conference hall of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform.

The young parliamentarians who are representatives of some youth associations in the different regions of Cameroon( the big North, East, West, South West, Littoral etc)  came to  appreciate Minister LE for his new reforms which have facilitated employment into the Public service for many youths.

Speaking on behalf of the young parliamentarians, Mr Harissou,  also seized the  opportunity to present their challenges and appeal for more considerable measures to be taken  in favor of the youths who are constantly in need of employment.

Accompanied by his close collaborators, Minister LE reassured the  young parliamentarians of his  support towards their course and promised to consider their appeal.

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MINFOPRA receives the Pan-african award on best practices in Innovative Management on the occasion of the closing ceremony of Rapid Results Initiative 2020

In a ceremony that took place this afternoon at  Mont Fébé hotel, Minister Joseph LE received a prize of distinction on best practices in Innovative Management from the International  Committee of excellence (ICE).

The ceremony which brought the Rapid Results Initiative for 2019 and 2020 to a close was attended by Secretaries of state, Director Generals and members of the National anti-Corruption Commission.

According to Minister LE, the MINFOPRA/ CONAC endeavour has been successful with the processing of over 26,292 teacher's files in 100 days.

In the best possible ways MINFOPRA work group members and focal points who received symbolic awards this day have worked tirelessly over the last 5months to serve the interest of the user Kings of MINFOPRA.

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MINFOPRA receives a delegation from KOICA

The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph LE, received a delegation led by the resident representative of the  Korean International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) Mr Yeon Je Ho today 26th January 2021.

The brief but very promising audience was built around  engaging discussions on the financing of a smart campus in Cameroon for the  promotion of e-government.

According to Minister LE, this laudable initiative which comes to strengthen relations between South Korea and the Republic of Cameroon  coincides with the end of year 2020 speech of H.E  president Paul Biya which called for the promotion of digital technologies in Cameroon’s administration.

In this regard, over 6 million dollars is in the pipeline for the financing of the project in  some key public Institutions. These include: ENAM, ISMP and SUPP’TIC.

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MINFOPRA Launches first  oral session of administrative competitive examinations through video conference.

To ascertain the simplification and dematerialization of procedures at the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Minister Joseph LE and his close collaborators, launched the first oral session of administrative competitive examinations  into the national Center for Youth and Sports and the National Institute of Youth and Sports by video conference early this morning of the 21st October 2020.
The technological advancement which according to Minister LE is cost effective and risk reducing, puts the candidates living in distant regions of Cameroon like the East, West, North west, South West, North, Far North etc in an interphase conversation with the jury presiding from Yaoundé. Apart from the fact that this will facilitate the modernization of the Cameroonian Public Service as edicted by the Head of States, H.E president Paul BIYA, it is also an effective measure to fight
against the spread and prevalence of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. Although a majority of the candidates are still shying away from the new procedure, it is hoped that in the days ahead it will be embraced by all candidates vying for competitive examinations into the Cameroonian Public Service. 

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