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TEACHERS’ CRISIS: The messenger of the Head of State Minister Joseph LE, at Maroua Teachers Training College.

With the Secretary General and some Directors of MINFOPRA, Minister LE, was welcomed at the Amphitheater 500 of the Maroua Higher Teachers Training College yesterday, to relay the new Presidential measures which will solve the delays in the treatment of Teachers’ Integration Files.

 Minister LE's working visit continued in Maroua yesterday.  It was with a view to raising awareness and explaining the new measures of the Head of State, that opt for the rapid treatment of Teacher's files. At his arrival, Minister Joseph LE and his suit were hosted at Kongola-Djoulgouf-Kodef campus, by the rector of the University of Maroua Prof. Idrissou ALLIOUM. After appreciating  the Minister for his presence, he informed him that that 794 students will graduate from the HTTC of Maroua this end of year  and hence, they  will  be able to benefit from this new instructions of the Head of State.

In his speech, Minister Joseph LE announced that, the documents of the graduates will henceforth be treated directly at the regional delegation of MINFOPRA in Maroua town. _ « The files of the graduates will no longer have to travel the 1500km from Maroua to Yaoundé, they will now leave here for the regional delegation of Minfopra here in Maroua._ »  said Minister LE.

Moreover, he specified that, some of the documents which they had already  provided  during  their entrance examination into the Higher Teacher's Training school will also be used for the treatment of their integration file. An example is the  certificate of non conviction  which often takes a lot of their  time and  of energy.

 By the end of his speech, the students and officials retorted with applaudes afterwhich questions were posed for more clarifications.

After shedding light on the questions, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform reassured the students of MINFOPRA’s engagement to making the  instructions of the Head of State  a reality in days ahead. « Dear teachers, the glimmer of hope is not far away, tomorrow more than ever you will be very moved » he mentioned.

Before closing the working visit, MINFOPRA’s delegation stopped at the regional delegation of MINFOPRA for the Far North. Once there, he addressed his  collaborators and  warned them against introducing inaccurate data in the digitalization system given that, henceforth,  the regional delegation of MINFOPRA for the Far North, will digitalize the files of  HTTC graduates and transmit to Yaoundé. In addition,  instructions were also given to the regional delegate for the Far North, to organize a capacity-building seminar for future graduates, with the aim
of informing them about the new Presidential measures.

After all the above mentioned, the Minister and his suit left the teachers, officials and students of the Far North region in total joy and celebration.

MBAL Linda/ Journalist/ Communication Unit MINFOPRA

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TEACHER'S CRISIS: Minister Joseph LE’s visit to the East region, to explain the new guidelines for processing Teacher's Integration Files.

The East region of Cameroon, on March 23rd 2022, welcomed the new Presidential measures which will reduce the delays in the treatment of Teachers’ Integration Files, at the Higher Teachers College of Bertoua.
The new procedure of treatment of Teachers’ Integration files will pass from 30 months to 3months.

The  above mentioned is the essential message of the President of the Republic of Cameroon H.E President Paul BIYA, delivered by the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Minister Joseph LE, to the population of the East region. Accompanied by a delegation of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Minister Joseph LE was welcomed by the governor of the East region, Gregoire MVONGO, the Senior Divisional Officer  of Lom and Djerem, the President of the East Regional Council, the Mayor of the city of Bertoua and the Regional Delegate of MINFOPRA East, as well as the academic staff and student of the Higher Teacher's Training College(HTTC) Bertoua.

In his opening remarks, the Minister  announced that some of the grievances raised by the Director of the HTTC Bertoua, Prof. MINGOAS KILEKOUNG Jean-Pierre will be answered this budget year with the beginning of the construction of the buildings of the University of Bertoua. The student reacted to these news by applauds to greet the strong gesture of the Head of State and they posed questions to get  more clarifications from Minister Joseph LE.

After responding to the questions of the students, the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform reassured them of MINFOPRA’s engagement to making the instructions of the Head of State a reality in the days ahead. At the end of this working visit to the East province, Minister Joseph LE made a stop at the regional delegation of MINFOPRA for the East, to check its ability to process teacher's integration files. During the exchange between the Minister and his collaborators of the regional delegation of MINFOPRA East, Minister Joseph LE, observed that 500 files of the graduates of the TeachersTraining College Bertoua  could be digitized, in 1 hour, and later  transmitted to  Yaounde for processing.

At the end of his working visit, Minister Joseph LE left the Teachers, officials of the East region and Student's milieu in total celebration manifested by the singing and dancing of folkloric rythmes.


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MINFOPRA sympathises with "Hamidou's family "


After the sad demise of Hamidou, the Sport and physical education teacher who died two days after his long awaited integration document was signed, Joseph LE visited his family over the weekend to comfort and convey the head of State's condolence message to them.

He was called "Hamidou".

The Sports and Physical education teacher of the "lycée de Beka" in the North region who joined the current teacher's  strike to decry his pending documents which had not been signed by the Public service since 2010.

Upon getting news of this teacher's situation recently , the MINFOPRA immediately reacted by reaching him  on phone . The conversation ended rather amicably as it was deduced that the late Hamidou's documents were delayed because of incomplete files. Once he sent the elements to complete his file, rapid measures were immediately  taken to salvage his situation and sign his integration documents. Two days after the integration documents were signed alongside a congratulatory letter addressed to the deceased for showing proof of resilience on his job despite his condition, he unfortunately passed away.

Following Hamidou's sad demise, Minister Joseph LE and some of his collaborators,  travelled to Garoua over the weekend to comfort  his widow Mme BETKEMDOU Florance and the family and to convey the condolence  message of the Head of State.

Upon meeting up with a delegation of the family of the deceased, including the widow, Minister LE handed over all  documents of the deceased to the widow.

 These documents which include, his integration act as well as the regularization of  his arrears  would permit the widow to gain possession of his pension. In addition to this, he told the widow not to bother to travel to Yaoundé to follow

 up on the documents as the regional delegate of MINFOPRA for the North region had been instructed to handle it.

In response to Minister LE's message, the head of the family Mr ROSKOU Richard thanked the  Minister for the kind gesture which brought comfort to the family and on behalf of the family thanked the Head of State  and government of the Republic. While talking to the press, Minister LE ended his visit by promising  to take all measures together with the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Pauline Nalova LYONGA to ensure that the rightful claimants can fully benefit of their rights.


 MAFOR NEH Daizy Diane

Assistant Research Officer No2/ CELCOM/ MINFOPRA

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Mise en œuvre des directives présidentielles  : Joseph LE édifie les responsables et enseignants de l’ENSET d’Ebolowa sur la nouvelle donne


Comme à Douala et Buéa les dossiers de l‘École Normale d’Enseignement Technique d’Ebolowa seront directement transmis au MINFOPRA pour traitement où ils aboutiront dans un délai de trois mois au plus. Aussi, l’organisation des concours d’entrée dans les ENS et les ENSET sera désormais conduite par le Ministère de la Fonction Publique et de la Réforme Administrative, principal gestionnaire des Ressources Humaines de l’Etat. Telle est la quintessence du message porté par le MINFOPRA à Ebolowa.

La salle de réunion de l’ENSET d’Ebolowa a accueilli les autorités administratives de la ville, les responsables et étudiants de l’ENSET ce lundi 21 mars 2022,  pour cet échange riche en informations.  Après avoir rappelé à l’assistance les points sur lesquels le MINFOPRA est interpellé à agir, Joseph LE, a tout de suite présenté son plan d’actions, dont la mise en œuvre à travers les Initiatives à Résultat Rapide (IRR) initiées le 03 mars 2022 est déjà engagée.

S’agissant de l’organisation des concours d’entrée dans les ENS et ENSET, l’ambassadeur de bonnes nouvelles indique, que  des réflexions au sujet de la bonne conduite des activités  y relatives sont en cours avec le Ministère des Enseignements Secondaires.

La phase question réponse, permettra au MINFOPRA de bien expliquer que, désormais la prise de service qui était faite au MINESEC, se Zita fera au MINFOPRA, qui par la suite  s’occupera de la mise à disposition de l’institution utilisatrice, telle que prévue par la réglementation en vigueur.

Un tour à la Délégation Régionale du MINFOPRA, donnera l'occasion à l’homme de terrain d’apprécier la qualité des équipements, qui serviront à  la numérisation des dossiers des enseignants diplômés de l’ENSET d’Ebolowa, pour leur acheminement vers Yaoundé. Le message adressé à ses collaborateurs est le même que celui dans les autres régions. Entre autres, le respect de l’éthique et de la déontologie professionnelle. D’après lui, cet état d’esprit participera d’avantage à la dématérialisation et la simplification des procédures telles que prescrites par le Chef de l’Etat S.E Paul BIYA. C’est sur une note de satisfaction que la caravane du MINFOPRA a quitté la ville d’Ebolowa.



Journaliste/ Cadre CELCOM/ MINFOPRA

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